Fast Reinz - Custom Barrel Racing & Roping Reins
Fast Reinz - Custom Barrel Racing and Roping Reins
Fast Reinz - Tracy Matkea

Fast Reinz
Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there different lengths of reins to order from?
  Yes. There are 3 basic lengths. Short for actual competition, medium for some competition and long - good for riding out and riders that run in long rein. I can custom make length if you have the measurements.

2. How many colors can I pick from.
  For regular reins... up to 4 colors. 2 colors are most popular. If you pick 3 colors, please state which color you prefer to be dominant. 4 colors makes a rainbow. #fatties solid color or 2 or 3 colors make nice design layout / pattern

3. Do your reins come with snaps?
  Reins come with snaps unless specified no snaps (no price difference). #fatties - no snaps

4. Cost?
  Regular rein - $45.
2 knots - $50 or 4 knots (most popular) - $55
#fatties - $60; 2 knots - $65; 4 knots - $70

5. Are reins adjustable?
  Yes. All reins adjust in length. Also knots are adjustable unless specified otherwise. I can custom-place knots if you have exact measurements.

6. What colors are available?
  Check out website and Facebook page. Almost all colors available.

7. What makes these reins different from other braided reins?
  - Uniquely braided for the perfect weight for barrel racing. Don't be fooled by imitations. Check the braiding pattern
- No stretch. These reins have an approximate stretch of 1/2"/set. But they are pre-stretched before you receive them
- Hardware is top of the line - Snaps/Conway buckles
- Any guaranteed? Yes... lifetime guarantee for both the hardware and the rein
- About the knots... Knots are made separately from reins, therefore adjustable knot is a specialized Spanish knot
- How good is this braiding? The designer of these reins has 15 yrs experience braiding reins. Look for a very tight, perfect braid.
- How do I know this is the best rein to buy? Barrel racer making barrel racing reins for barrel racers. I strive for perfection in each individual set of reins.
- I knew, as a long time barrel racing competitor exactly what I needed in a rein. The perfect weight, length and feel. All guaranteed.


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